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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How do I find out if my date is available?

Because our wedding calendar changes daily, the best way to check date availability is to call  817-594-4200 or text message to 682 333 4093.

What are your  hours for tours?

We can usually schedule your tour any day of the week or in the evening, as long as we do not have an event already scheduled. An appointment assures that we will give undivided attention to our potential brides and grooms, and answer any questions they might have while touring with us. So we ask that you please call 817-594-4200 and schedule an appointment for your tour.

What is the seating capacity of the chapel auditorium  ?

The auditorium seats 125 people in the pews. 

What is the down payment to book my wedding? 

We require a partial payment, usually at least 1/4 of the total amount of your contract. The  entire amount must be paid at least 30 days before the wedding.   For your convenience, we accept credit cards, debit cards, personal checks, or cash.  if your wedding is less than 30 days away on the day you book your wedding, full payment is required at the time you book the wedding.

What is the total amount of time I get at the chapel for my wedding and for getting ready?

        See Home page for standard occupancy times, and the amount of charges for additional hours of time.

                  From years of experience, we find that these standard  occupancy times are usually adequate for each of these events. But if more time is desired, and as long as another conflicting event is not scheduled, you can pay an extra fee and rent additional time.

Do you have vendors you can recommend for my wedding preparation and wedding day?

We do not have a preferred vendors list. .  Many individuals and companies in the immediate Weatherford area provide a variety of wedding services. All are welcome at our chapel, as long as they agree to abide by our guidelines, and complete their work within the occupancy time you have paid for. Just google the particular service you are looking for, specifying "Weatherford" and your will find an adequate number of individuals to choose from.


 Do you have a sound system?

No, there is not a sound system on the premises.  Acoustics in the auditorium and reception hall are excellent.  Even a small music player will fill the room with sound.  Generally, people do not seem to need a microphone in the auditrium because of the excellent acoustics.

When should I get my marriage license?

You must obtain you Texas Marriage License at the County Clerk's office no earlier than 90 days before your wedding and no later than 72 hours before your wedding ceremony. You can get your license in any county in the state of Texas. Most counties require green cash and the usual price is $82. Both parties must be present to get the marriage license and you must  have your driver's license ID with you. You must bring the marriage license with you to the chapel on your wedding day.  

Is rehearsal time included in the package price?

No.  The rehearsal is optional at $100 per hour (subject to time availability).  . 

What times are available for rehearsals? 

Rehearsal time is always scheduled by the building manager.   Sometimes the night before the wedding is available, but not always .     For a very small wedding with a few guests,  it will save you money  if  you plan on a brief walk-thru before getting dressed on wedding day. Available rehearsal times will be assigned by the manager.  It is always  first-come, first-serve on rehearsal time slots

Your rehearsal can be scheduled when you book your wedding, or you can wait, but remember, the time slots for rehearsal are first-come-first-serve!

What time can I start my wedding?

On Saturday We usually offer only standard wedding start times on Saturday:4 PM  or 7 PM. Earlier times on Saturday are usually reserved for meetings, portrait sessions, and tours.  There will be an extra $100 charge for using a time other than the standard wedding start times.  

How much time do we get for the wedding, dressing rooms, and after- wedding photography?

 When you book your wedding, you will be assigned a beginning and ending time for your occupancy.  The standard occupancy time is 3 hours  Within the paid-for occupancy time, you can spend as much time as you want in the dressing room, and start the wedding when you want.  However, keep in mind that photography and cleanup must be completed by the end of your paid-for occupancy time.  

Does Brownstone provide a wedding coordinator?

When you book a wedding package at Brownstone your price is for the use of the facility only. We do not provide a coordinator. However, there is always at least one building/security manager on duty during your event.That person is always friendly and helpful and can answer almost any question uou might have.   We strongly recommend that our brides and grooms hire or appoint a wedding coordinator for their wedding so there will be a "go-to" person on wedding day. The reason is because it helps to reduce the stress on the couple  and the families. The coordinator should not  be the bride, groom, wedding party member, or immediate family being escorted down the aisle. All of these people need to be the ones enjoying themselves during the wedding. And there are too many details the coordinator must handle before the wedding starts, during the ceremony, and after the ceremony. Therefore, this person needs to be carefully chosen so the special day can be enjoyed by those who deserve to celebrate the most: the brides, grooms, and families.     You should also make sure that your coordinator agrees to abide by our chapel guidelines. That way, there will be no surprises on wedding day.  For more details please read our article on the Chapel News page.  

Does Brownstone provide the minister for my ceremony?

You must provide your own officiant.  Any religious or civil ceremony is acceptable, as long as your officiant agrees to abide by our general chapel guidelines.  If you do not have an officiant, we can book  an available minister at an extra charge.

 What are your rules regarding decorations in the auditorium?

Our standard ivory & white décor is provided free of charge. We do not allow any changes to the decor ( no exception).  Standard Decor helps save our couples money because they do not have to decorate an entire room at their won expense. We cannot allow the existing auditorium décor to be changed or modified. You may not move furniture or bring in furniture or other large items. You may re-decorate the registration table if you wish, keeping in mind that all decorative flowers in the auditorium must be silk. (Refer also to the guidelines)

Do you have Christmas decorations in the chapel auditorium during December?

Yes, we have a stunning lighted Christmas tree and other enhancements added to the existing décor. All in "neutral" ivories, whites, silver and gold. Our Christmas couples LOVE our fully decorated Chapel Auditorium for their weddings!

Can we have an aisle runner in the chapel?

Due to the tripping hazard, we cannot allow an aisle runner.

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